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Turbomeca is a world leader in the market of civil and parapublic helicopters (EMS, police, etc.) and holds a predominant position in the market of military helicopters. Turbomeca offers the largest engine power range, from 450 to 3000 shp, and powers the most famous names in the helicopter manufacturing industry, including : Agusta, Boeing, Denel, Eurocopter, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Sikorsky. Turbomeca S.A. also has 2,000 operators. Turbomeca designs, develops and produces the Arrius, Arriel, TM 333, Ardiden, Makila engine families, plus the MTR390 and RTM 322 engines in cooperation with partner manufacturers.

Turbomeca engines are modular turboshaft powerplants which facilitate maintenance operations. Turbomeca engines are designed with high power growth potential (up to 20%) for a broad array of applications.

Today, Turbomeca offers  two engine families - Arrius and Arriel - for the single or twin-engine light and medium helicopter segment. These engine families, including their derived versions, power a wide range of civil helicopters from Eurocopter (Ecureuil, Dauphin, EC135, etc.), Agusta (A109 Power) and Sikorsky (S76), but also the Eurocopter Fennec and Panther or Agusta A109 Power military helicopters.

In the medium helicopter segment, from 5 to 7 tons, Turbomeca is also present in the military market for combat helicopters. It provides the MTR390 for Eurocopter's Tiger and the TM 333 for HAL's (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd) Dhruv. Turbomeca developed the Ardiden for civil and military applications in this helicopter class.

In the heavy helicopter market, the Makila and RTM 322 turboshaft engines power helicopters built by Eurocopter (EC 225/725, Super Puma, NH90), Agusta Westland (EH101) and Boeing (WAH-64).

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